"Let me show you the Formula I use to Trade for less than 60 Minutes Per Day"
Lachlan Elseworth. Pro Trader - IDTA System Architect
WHAT IF... You Could Look-Over-The-Shoulder of a Professional Trader and Copy Their EXACT Trades in REAL TIME?
Lachlan Elsworth and Cameron Buchanan, Global Speakers and Professional Traders and Trainers
In this webinar, you will be allowing the professional traders to "call the shots" for you! 
 You can even check out HOW we do this from the comfort of your own home!
Exciting, right? Yep, we think so too... That's why we're letting you know about it!
Once in the webinar, we will take you through our trading system and then into the Live Trading Room to orientate you with our Pro Traders and also listen to what is occurring.
You can watch the moving charts, in the Live Trading Room, and they'll openly show you every trade that's been taken for the night... Both winners and losers!
How to potentially break free from the time vs money trap and learn how I trade for less than 60 minutes a day.
Why you should be part of potentially the world’s largest and most liquid market – unlimited money making opportunities!
Learn the exact trading strategies and risk-management tools developed and used by professional  trader Lachlan Elsworth himself.
Nicholas W, Sydney
"Hi IDTA Team!
Can I say I am extremely happy with Lachy, John and you for the open and transparent teachings you have shown me thus far and I am enjoying and learning at a nice pace and loving it.Since the LTR I have been selective with trades. I started with $10k and now just over $13k in three weeks."
George R, Sydney 
"Just reached my goal for week which is $10,000 AUD. I have had 3 great trading nights this week since I completed the TBS. Total ticks for 3 nights now stands at 1,207 Ticks for a total of $21,122 AUD (Well over my target I wanted to make).From your teachings I knew ahead where the target was located and closed all contracts at the 200% fib. Believe it or not, I have also taken your advise by reducing my contracts from 4 to 2 and this has reduced my risk and emotions on trades.Thanks to all involved at TBS. Regards, George "
Amanda D, Mandurah
"Hi Lachlan,  Just wanted to pass along how much I’m enjoying the live trading room. The bonus “coaching” as we are trading is helping my knowledge base no end and I am consistently walking away each day achieving my daily goal. I’m getting +4 on ES through the LTR time slot and the rest in the later sessions.”
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