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Trading From Home is
Now a Reality
Trading from home has 5 key components of which you may have three already! You need a computer, an internet connection and yourself to get started…
Most people have these already!
Next, you need a professional trading team to provide you with a Great Education and a Live Trading Room that shows you when to get in and out of the market each and every trading day.

Once you have these the foundation is set for some education that may actually make a significant difference in your life…. And the beauty of it… there is only one person in your business, you, backed by a highly supportive professional trading team with a powerful trading system!

“You, your PC, and an internet connection are all that you need to get started!”
How Can You Maximise
Your Potential?
The markets we teach you to trade turn over 100’s of Millions of dollars per day. I think it is fair to say that there could be an opportunity here for any savvy Home Based Trading Entrepreneur.
You can also trade the market both up and down, so regardless of whether the market is going up or going down, there is the chance to take a great trade.
Trading, like any form of business including; MLM, opening your own café, or even starting your own business, involves two major risks, the risk of gaining money and losing money.
What we must therefore do is acknowledge these two risks and become very good at maximising our profit when the market is running with us and minimise our risk when the market is running against us.
Further, you do not need to start with real money! Did you know that you can start by trading with “Monopoly Money” known as “paper trading”. This means you get the opportunity to prove the profitability of your business before even putting any real money into your trading account.
Imagine that! A business that allows you to prove that it makes money before you even get started!
How Can You Measure
Your Potential?
For a savvy, educated and proficient Home Based Trader, the markets are no longer ‘the markets’, rather an intricate master piece in creation that needs to be seen to be believed.

If you have not seen the masterpiece in motion, and you believe that there is profit to be made, welcome to the Masterpiece in Motion, the world of Home Based Trading with IDTA!

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"Home Based Business Guide"
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Luck Has Nothing to Do With Success in Trading
Over time, day trading might seem like it is a game of chance. In my opinion it isn’t.
Professional Day traders are not gamblers; they are pattern chasers.
Yes, there is risk involved, but, when you approach trading with the proper money management strategies, trading tools, information, software, and knowledge, the game should become one of pure probabilities.
If done well, your Day Trading Probabilities should be stacked significantly in your favour before you even take your first live trade! You can potentially achieve this by testing your strategy in Simulation prior to even placing real money in the market!
It might seem like many day traders have a special intuition—almost like a magic power that allows them to see market movement before it happens.
To an outsider or an inexperienced trader who only holds long-term market positions, the decisions a day trader makes can look like magical, intuitive guesses that just end up being right.
What you call intuition could be the benefit of proper training, proper knowledge, and a proper education.
Learn Just One Strategy, Apply It to One of Over 70 Markets, and You Tell us What You Think!
Here’s how it works…
Over time, we will assume you have the ability to learn how to watch the market and learn also how to pick a great signal.
We will also assume that you can be trained to understand how to use our indicators and training tools we have developed. It could be a great time to mention that we tell you exactly when to enter and exit a trade every time they trigger.

If it’s too much to handle all at once—and it may be—great, let’s make it a self paced, step by step process and break it up into smaller pieces.
When you first start day trading, we suggest you learn one strategy only – we call it “Chasing One Rabbit”.
As you get better, and prove your profitability, we simply ask you to get better and better at chasing your rabbit. The beauty of the IDTA Strategy, is that we can just make your rabbit bigger and bigger each and every time you trade. Your ability to “upsize” your rabbit is completely dependent on your proven performance.
By the time you’ve learned to chase a large rabbit, you will have proven to yourself and everyone around you that you can actually trade! Your ability to ‘step up’ in the world of trading is 100% based on your performance!
That’s how knowledge and education turn into what looks like luck. The reality is, there is nothing lucky about day trading. It’s all in the preparation.

Receive our MUST HAVE eBook
"Home Based Business Guide"
When you register for an upcoming Trading Workshop!
(Don’t miss out – limited seats available!)
Here’s What You Will Learn

Our Day Trading Workshop is divided into 9 learning modules called elements.
Here’s the breakdown of what you are about to learn…

 Element 1: Success Psychology and Trading – Discover what is takes to be a day trader with IDTA. We’ll discuss the psychological tools you need to make calculated, risk savvy trades. 

Element 2: Daily Trading Goals
 – Learn how to set realistic goals that you can actually achieve. Find out how other traders set goals and achieve them. 

Element 3: Trading Start Up – A complete discussion of the tools you need to start trading with IDTA.

Element 4: Trading Patterns, Chart Trends, and Indicators – You’ll learn to recognize trading patterns and how to identify high probability trades IDTA Style. This is where you start to learn the skills we teach.

Element 5: Profit Maximisation Learn how to run the trend while understanding progressive risk management and why it works.

Element 6: Risk Control - This is about initial risk placement, the use of a stop-loss and finally graduated risk control. The strategy to day trading is constant risk management.

Element 7: Plan Development We will discuss the key components of the “Chase One Rabbit” trading strategy and a highly defined trading plan that actually works.

Element 8: Plan Implementation – Learn how you can get started trading with IDTA as soon as the Trading Workshop is over.
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(BONUS: Receive our MUST HAVE eBook "Home Based Business Guide" When you register for an upcoming Trading Workshop!)
Who is Teaching You?

Lachlan and Cameron, the Founders and System Architects behind the International Day Trading Academy, will be your Trading Workshop Instructors.

Lachlan has been trading different instruments including Shares, CFD’s and Options for over 20 years and has proven his ability to analyse, interpret and capitalize on the markets. 

Lachlan has dedicated the past 6 years of his career to Futures Trading, mentoring others to understand the Futures Market and what it takes to be a consistently good trader. 

Throughout the Trading Workshop, Lachlan and Cameron will give you specific examples from their trading careers and the careers of other successful traders. 

You’re going to get real-world live chart examples—this is not a course designed by someone who only knows the theory of trading. It’s an experience built by professional day traders who completely understands the nuances of trading the strategy they have developed and written.

Our Courses Actually Teach You How We Trade… Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, See It For Yourself!
What a Great Way to Start Your Trading Journey!
Spaces in our Trading Workshops are limited by the capacity of our rooms!
Lachlan can only teach so many people at once and we want to guarantee that class quality is exceptional.
Registration for the I.D.T.A. Trading Workshop is COMPLIMENTARY
Included are all of the bonuses we just mentioned.
Go ahead and add up the price yourself….

One Day Basic Training Course__________________________________________$199.00 Value
One Day with Lachlan and Cameron_____________________________________$997.00 Value
IDTA's MUST HAVE eBook "Home Based Business Guide"____________________PRICELESS

Total Value: $1196.00 

The Full Day Trading Workshops include all tuition and continuous refreshments throughout the day.
Online Event
Live Stream
Saturday, 9th February
3:30PM AEST (Registration)
4:00PM - 8:30PM AEST (Event) 
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